Welcome to the 20th Anniversary of
Trait Emotional Intelligence
TEIQue Yourself
The TEIQue test is based on Professor K. V. Petrides' world-leading research program on Trait Emotional Intelligence
The TEIQue report will help you understand your personality and put you on the way to achieving your maximum potential in all areas of your life
Understand your emotions
Overcome challenges through psychological growth
Manage the strengths and weaknesses of your personality
Develop psychological resilience
Create healthy and meaningful relationships
Build a solid foundation for overall success
How it works
  1. Pay via Paypal
  2. You will then be emailed login information (username and password)
  3. Complete the TEIQue on your PC or mobile phone
  4. Your TEIQue report will be generated on-line
The leading scientific assessment of emotional intelligence by
K. V. Petrides, PhD
  • The TEIQue has been globally used in commercial and scientific contexts for over 20 years
  • Now it is available to you with a brand-new set of reports, incorporating the latest research and deepest insights
  • Release the power of your personality now!
20 fundamental aspects of your emotional world
Yourself through the understanding of your personality
153 questions
about 20 minutes